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Gerald Moroder - biography

Moroder Gerald

1972 born in Milan
1986 - 1989 Art school in Ortisei
1989 - 1992 vocational school in Selva Gardena with diploma
1992 - 1995 apprenticeships at various sculptors
1995 autodidactic training and courses

One question pervades Gerald's works: What lies beneath the material dimension? It seems as if he wants to pass the boundaries of rationality, those of the hic et nunc in order to be drifted by irrationality. Being re-conducted to the arché, the basic principle, is a kind of hidden
It's a departure from the immanence, the everyday life, to enter into himself, to discover and experience mental conditions.
And while he creates, the desire to return arises. The approach to an idea which slowly changes and which is transposed in the eyes and hands of the artist. An idea, which inevitably transforms itself into something else, while it takes on an outer form.
The shapes of the body transposed in sculpture are the touchable translation of an interior journey.
Gerald distances himself from everyday reality. He nourishes the desire to look into himself and to give life to emotional fragments which inhabit our inner being.

Naked sculptures divested of all covering inspire a sense of weightlessness.

It's not a mirror in which we look before leaving the house in order to face everyday life. It's the reflecting of oneself, free from narcissistic ambitions and mere pleasure.
Gerald doesn't dwell upon the refinement of somatic types because the observer could be diverted and be deceived.
His aim is not to divert the spectators with frills. His stark figures reveal a shamefaced nudity.

Marco Forni

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