Moroder molds the uniqueness of his unmistakable creations using his personal, refined mixtures, in a continuous, wondrous, captivating crescendo of artistic elegance, a poetic union of perfect anatomy and romantic poses modeled in the finest classicism of the contemporary art world.

upcoming exhibitions

  • C4ter / Galerie Theodor von Hörmann

    Imst (Austria)
    23.05.2024 to 06.07.2024

  • Fair for Art Vienna / Galerie Hartl

    Wollzeile 27A, Vienna (Austria)
    05.10.2024 to 13.10.2024

  • "Tiroler Meister & mehr" / Galerie Hartl

    Hofburg, Innsbruck (Austria)
    25.10.2024 to 03.11.2024


Gerald Moroder’s work is characterized by a vital tension and an innate longing. His figures, lean and reduced to essential shapes, strive towards another place, craving for a way, a revelation. They are images of the human essence, timeless figures without any connections to space and time.

Anna Lisa Ghirardi

How can one not think of wood? A young man in his forties who has grown artistically amidst the splendid mountains of Val Gardena and who is brave enough not to use wood. Gerald Moroder has grown up in this enchanted place. He is the son of a new culture, a contemporary neophyte, who dares, experiments and mutates. The material chosen by the artist, made and shaped with his hands, is a way to express his feelings. His mountains lie within those unique compounds made of stone, earth, sand and iron. The fundamental transition from the „convenience“ of a pre-established natural element awaiting crafting and manufacturing like wood, and the „refinement“ of a unique, authentic, original mix. Although being and appearance have been in contrast ever since, Moroder‘s sculpture asserts itself for its being.

Laura Orlandi

One question pervades Gerald’s works: What lies beneath the material dimension?
It seems as if he wants to pass the boundaries of rationality, those of the hic et nunc in order to be drifted by irrationality....

Marco Forni

Moroder shapes the uniqueness of his unmistakable creations with personal and refined mixtures, in a continuous wonderful and appealing crescendo of artistic grace, of poetic combination between perfect anatomy and romantic postures, modelled in the highest classicism of the contemporary art‘s world.

Alberto Lavit